How We Work

When you buy a shirt…

We are not Amazon. We are not a large company. We are a very small cooperative trying to be as ethical as we can under capitalism. We have other jobs we need to print during the week so this project cannot be our primary focus.

When you buy a shirt, it gets added to a queue of anti-workshop garments we need to print. Since all the designs are single color, single imprint, we set up all the jobs on a single day of the week when we have a minimum queue of 10 shirts, and we print them.

We package them, add a few radical freebies for you to use in your workplace organizing and ship them via USPS.

If you provide an email address at time of purchase we will tell you when your garment has been printed and shipped and provide a tracking number.

This is how we have to work until this project becomes big enough to take priority. That would be great if it ever happens.

If we do not reach the 10 shirt minimum queue within 4 weeks, we print your shirt by itself and ship it off to you.


We know there is no ethical production and consumption under capitalism. We do what we can within the limits of our control to mitigate the harm we cause and do our work using methods that help us sleep at night.

We use 100% water-based inks and processes for a more ecological print. We are a 100% vegan and cruelty-free shop, and use no products with any animal products, by-products or procedures.

We use garments sewn in America because we can visit those locations personally and actually see the conditions under which workers labor.

We recognize that none of this is perfect, but perfect doesn’t exist in a system so dependent on imperialism and colonialism for its supply chain.

This project is one drop in the bucket but if one of our shirts or stickers can push a worker towards organizing their job, wherever that worker is in this world, then that is a good thing.

if you have questions or comments, visit our contact page.