The anti-workshop is a worker-owned, union-represented cooperative. We operate a design and screen printing business that is democratically run through worker consensus. That means we decide when we work, for how long, what we do, how we do it and what is done with the product of our labor.

It is our belief that workers produce and reproduce all the useful value of our society. It is also our belief that the working class is not receiving its due share of the value we create together.

The anti-workshop comprises organizers, unionists and radicals who believe that the conditions of work—as they exist under the current economic and political system—are tedious, empty, abusive, exploitative and ultimately pointless for the majority of workers. We know we are not alone.

There is a growing movement of workers who want to re-imagine what work is and how we undertake it, who recognize that capitalism is designed to wring wealth out of our bodies and minds, and funnel it to the privileged elite of the owning and employing class.

We want to use what means of production we have access to (our printing press and our creativity) to provide materials for like-minded workers who are fed up and want to fight back.